Wednesday, November 10, 2010

White Trash Birthday Bash

Who says birthday parties are just for kids?? Every year for my birthday I have a theme for my party just like I do for my kids. This year for my 29th Birthday I decided to have a 'White Trash Birthday Bash'. This is such a fun and inexpensive party theme. I asked everyone to dress in their trashiest attire and also asked everyone to bring a white trash dish to share (think cheap pre-cooked foods).

The cake:
I made a cinnamon streusal cake with brown sugar frosting and then I covered my cake in Hostess snack cakes. Purty ain't it?
The Food:
For the food we had Tater Tot casserole, corn dog muffins (corn bread muffins with a half a hot dog baked in the center), marshmallow fluff dip with graham crackers, pepperoni dip and crackers, chex muddy buddies, grape chili meatballs, chips and kool aid and beer to drink.

The Decor:
For the I shopped at the Dollar tree and bought mismatched party plates and napkins (baby shower, my little pony, transformers, dinosaurs, 1st Birthday, etc.).  I also bought cheap balloons, tablecloths, silk flowers, etc. Then to decorate just put stuff up with no rhyme or reason to it. Streamers were placed in the middles of walls as well as balloons. Have fun with decorating, with a white trash theme you really can't go wrong unless you make things look too nice.

Below is a picture of a "Burthday" banner I made out of line paper, a sharpie and some party string.

My beautiful table decor...
Cheap dollar store table cloths

and silk flowers with beer bottles for vases.

The party sign I made for out front.

The door sign to greet guests. "Welcum, No shews, no sherts, no prablem".

Some funny white trash signs placed around my living room.

Sign I made for my bathroom door.

Party Guests:
My mom, my cousin and me. My cousin's (she's in the overalls) baby belly is real, mine is fake.
Aww look at him with his little flask (don't worry it's just juice in there).

Too cute, love those buck teeth!

I know, I know, we are one good lookin' couple!

Looks just like his daddy.

The Games:
Junk in the Trunk:

For this game you need 2 empty Kleenex boxes, some ping pong balls and some string. You tie the Kleenex boxes to 2 people and fill them with ping pong balls. Then the people have to try to get the balls out of their box without using their hands. This game was too much fun.

Do me:
For this game you need 2 toilet plungers (I bought brand new ones at the dollar store), and some rolls of toilet paper. Get into 2 teams and have one member of your team stand at one end of the room with a toilet paper roll between their legs. Then have another member at the other end with a toilet plunger between their legs (with the stick end facing forward). Then the person with the plunger has to walk across the room to the other person and try to get their plunger into the hole of the toilet paper roll without using their hands. Once the have got the roll on their plunger they go back to the next team member and give them the plunger and then they go and do the same thing. First team to finish wins. This game is also hilarious.

Keep it up:
For this game you give each person 2 feathers and they have to keep the 2 feathers up off the ground by blowing them. The person that keeps both their feathers off the ground the longest wins.

After a few drinks...
Whew! Look at that long luscious hair.

Being silly's over.

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